Entrepreneur & International Speaker

Every story is a journey of ups and downs. Since life is not a cake Sweet all the time, but it is like its more like a Bitter Gourd, bitter but full of lessons. There is a lot of confusion in the life of a student about what to choose for a career option and what not to choose. This causes major chaos in the life of a student. If you talk about 10 years back era students had only two options either a Doctor or an Engineer. So I took both Maths and Biology so that I can choose from both. But still, I was confused and so I became an engineer. In the first year itself, I got self-realization that this is something which I don’t want to do in my life. I wanted to be on top of whatever I would do, but being mediocre was never was in my bucket list. That self-realization was very important, as it became the base and the starting point at the same time.


I met a very good person Shahank in my second year of college and he changed my perspective towards life. He said to me that try to look at the bigger picture of life, we are not here to waste our time on these small 9 to 5 things. That changed a lot of things for me. I started doing the activities which I liked with my college life. 


I am always appreciated that I am a very good public speaker, but there were times when I used to shiver in front of the audience, I was not able to speak. My final Year result came and I got 5.9 pointers and did not have any job in my pocket. 


My family was going through tough times, I lost my father and there was no earning member in the family. It’s a situation in which usually students go into depression, but because of my circle and friends, I was able to deal with that. Coincidently I got a campus placement, but for the company who came for MBA students. I being an engineering student was able to crack that interview. And then I realized that degree doesn’t matter, what matters is the skills you have. 


I got a job and life was becoming comfortable for me, but then I remembered what my friend said “Once you start coming into a comfortable zone, get out of it” and then with all my savings I started a company. With all the energy we started working, but the company got closed within 6 months. It is very difficult for a person who belongs to a middle-class background to bear such a loss. All the savings were gone. 


Now again I had to start from scratch. So I started analyzing myself that what can be done now. Then concluded resource utilization. We are all aware of social media, so we started a small group named Delhi Startups. The thought was clear that we wanted to help young and creative companies. Because of this group, we got a chance to meet 25000 people who were creative with different ideas. Within a period of 2 years, we were able to raise $ 5 million for at least 16 innovative companies without any intention of getting back in return anything. The small group became a big company and we named it “Delhi Angels”.


During the process, we got a realization that opportunities are not less but skills are and that is because of our education system, which focuses on theoretical knowledge rather than skills, which lead to another company where we focus on skills and it is called Skill Circle.


I got realization with my journey that degree stands nothing in front of your skills. No one will remember your marks, degree but your skills are always remembered and they will take you forward. 

Today I am Consulting Startup Founders on Leadership, Marketing, Customer Success and Raising external capital.