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Why do some people achieve so much in life while others remains mediocre ?

In journey of life we meet so many people, however out of these there are few who achieve so much in life whether if you talk of Wealth, health or the success you call it in other words, whereas there are majority of people who remains mediocre.

Do you know why ?

These mediocre people were equally intelligent, smart got almost same resources when they started career. But a thing which distinguish a mediocre and a successful man or women is “How you are travelling in your path to success”

Maximum of people are carrying so many baggages in their journey of life, which can be anything which is not required you to do so but you still carrying.

Mediocre people carry so many baggages –

For example :

They answer every call, they answer every facebook message.

Small scratch on car, they reacted violently 

If someone says you are not looking good, it will make you sad.

You try to make everyone happy

Fight with customer care 

And talk of physical baggages ,We are collecting so many things which are not much in use, Whether Your Wardrobe, your shoe rack, Laptop and un necessary relationships which are running for name sake.

If you fight so much and carry so many baggage, how you will reach to your destination ?

Successful people Travel Lite ! 

If you really want to Raise your life standards and want to lead in your life.
Remember, Either you Run the Day or the Day Runs you !

Move in life with Less baggages and start from today to live a life which you dreamt of.

– Written by Shivam Ahuja
Community founder DelhiStartups 
Investments Head DelhiAngels 

( Inspired by @akash gautam Sir)

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