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What is Linkedin Social selling Index and how to Leverage it ?

In 2017 , It’s not about networking and Building connects but building meaningful relationships. However for building relationships you need to do a cold pitch over an email or linkedin or any other social network.

Many of us are Doing it wrong !

LinkedIn: Login. Make decks. Get money.

I have growth hacked my Linkedin network in last one year and added 10,000+ connectes ( Read : Inbound ) and rejected around twice of that.

But wait this post is not about just adding connects and building your connects over linkedin but a special score which is Social selling Index by Linkedin.

Keep Reading if you are selling or marketing something over linkedin.

This is Linkedin Social Selling Index score looks like –

Why is it important?

If you are hiring someone for Social selling / Marketing, You can keep it as criteria to get the insights about their performance. Also you can compare their performance against the industry peers and individual’s network on LinkedIn.

How you can Leverage it ?

If you are a sales or Marketing professional, You can Growth hack your score and can get Inbound recommendations by Linkedin network ( I am getting 300+ Requests per day that too from Right set of audience network )

You can Leverage it for :

Finding the Right People or Engaging with people in your network.

5 quick ways to improve LinkedIn Social selling index & Growth hack your connections.

  1. Complete Linkedin Profile : From your Bio to your work experience for social cause. Each thing matters. Make sure you have updated Linkedin profile with Proper Pictures and Text on place. Remember It’s not a CV but a Story that need to sell.           

2. MEDIA : No one wants to read Text, engage users with Pictures from your workplace or your experience at some event as organizer / Volunteer.

  3. Recommendations : Be shameless in asking recommendation but also make sure they write “Right” Kind of Recommendation with human emotions involved. It should not looks like written by “Bots” / Automated not so Human in nature.

4. Engage : One of the most important step to improve social selling index is to engage with influencers who are in your category / Industry and try to connect with them through comments / posts / Discussions etc.

5. Be Authentic : Most of people are faking over every platform, we are living in an era where having common sense is not so common. If you are on Linkedin and want to leverage networking, Make sure stay “Authentic and Be yourself”

That’s all folks, Will share more ways to connect with people and build relationships online and offline.

Mind connecting ?

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